Downhole Video Camera

EV has launched its Optis HD Electric line camera to the well-intervention market. The camera’s new technology allows operators to stream color video at up to 25 frames/second on monoconductor cables with the use of high-speed telemetry and video-compression techniques. It has been designed for well-integrity inspection and monitoring of downhole corrosion and mechanical damage, including those found in marginal conditions, and it successfully completed a wide run of 100 field-trial jobs in Canada before becoming commercially released in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. The camera features improved speeds and picture quality compared with similar downhole video cameras, allowing for advanced inspection of oilfield subsurface equipment for integrity issues. The system tunes itself to a wide range of cables so that the Optis HD Electric camera works on virtually any cable length or cable type. Its modular design allows it to be run with downview, sideview, or both. Deviation and internal temperature are digitally transmitted to the surface laptop, providing essential information when viewing images.

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The Optis HD Electric line camera from EV.



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