Silicate-Based Preflush

PQ Corporation’s Metso 66 Preflush was specifically developed for the removal of oil-based drilling fluid and filter cake and is also suitable for wells drilled with water-based drilling fluid. This multifunctional silicate-based preflush is also designed to improve cement bonds as well as prevent slurry migration and fallback. Metso 66 is a blend of advanced granular sodium silicate, specialty surfactants, and other additives. The soluble silica and alkali serve several beneficial roles in enhancing the performance of surfactants, such as raising pH, softening water, and reducing the interfacial tension between oil and water. The silicate ion further promotes the partition between the oil and water phases. This translates into greater removal of oil-based drilling fluid with a lower volume of flush material and a corresponding reduction in disposal volumes. Cement bonds are improved by having clean wellbore and casing surfaces that are water-wet as well as primed with soluble silica. Metso 66 is formulated to be readily soluble, even in cold water. A 10 wt% solution of Metso 66 will achieve complete dissolution in 5°C water in less than 10 minutes and can be dissolved in fresh water or seawater.

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PQ Corporation’s Metso 66 silicate-based preflush is a blend of advanced granular sodium silicate and specialty surfactants.



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