Distributed Acoustic Sensing System

OptaSense is developing the world’s first fully marinized and qualified distributed-acoustic-sensing (DAS) system in a joint program with Shell. The OptaSense Subsea-DAS system, which will be deployed in water depths up to 10,000 ft, will take proven onshore DAS technology to the offshore oil-and-gas industry, allowing highly accurate acoustic-data acquisition for the first time in this sector. The Subsea-DAS system will provide acoustic data for a wide range of subsea and deep-water applications, including pipeline surveillance and leak detection, geo-positioning, in-well monitoring, subsea-assembly-condition monitoring, and permanent reservoir monitoring. The multiapplication device will include functional and technical parameters configurable in software, thereby avoiding different hardware for settings or functions. The marinization process will require the re-engineering of OptaSense’s existing DAS interrogator unit to reduce its size to fit into a pressure canister. The modified optoelectronics will be tested to ensure that they meet the stringent temperature, vibration, shock, and electrical certifications required of subsea equipment. The Subsea-DAS unit is anticipated to be ready for demonstration by mid-2014.

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The interrogator unit from OptaSense’s Subsea-DAS system.



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