Pressure Sensors

Honeywell Sensing and Control has introduced two new additions to its Wing Union/Hammer Union line of pressure sensors, with potential applications in oil and gas drilling, mud pumps and mud logging, fracturing and cementing, acidizing, wellhead measurement, and standpipe stimulation. Model 425 is available in two accuracy levels, while the Model 427 provides a wide and shallow sensing port that facilitates an effective flow of more viscous media blends. Built on the Wing Union one-piece design with stainless-steel construction (Fig. 4), both models provide accurate and reliable data for detection of small changes in pressure, allowing the operator to quickly adjust media flow pressure during drilling operations. This helps drilling operators optimize oil-withdrawal rates and profile potentially dangerous conditions to increase safety of drilling personnel. Both models offer multiple electrical connections and are designed for quick field installation, offering resistance to torque stress at hammer-up with field-adjustable zero and span for reliable long-term performance.

Fig. 4: The Model 425 and 427 pressure sensors from Honeywell.



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