Telescopic Gangway

Offshore Solutions BV has released its Offshore Access System, a 21-m, hydraulically operated telescopic gang–way fitted with an active heave–compensation system (Fig. 6). It is the only heave-compensated gangway system that can maintain a permanent connection. The gangway comprises a pedestal, operator cabin, telescopic boom, and gripper platform. With continuous 24-hour connection and operating capability, it incorporates a motion–reference unit in its active hydraulic system, which, when engaged, maintains the walkway tip at a constant height relative to the horizon. This allows the gangway to be connected safely to a fixed offshore installation in unstable sea conditions when mounted onboard a suitable vessel. Once connected, the heave compensation is disengaged and the gangway is allowed to float between the vessel and the installation. The walkway is robustly connected and automatically compensates for the six movement planes of the vessel motion.

Fig. 6: The Offshore Access System telescopic gangway from Offshore Solutions BV.



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