Swellable Elastomer

TAM International has launched a new line of FastSwell elastomers (Fig. 8). The elastomers provide a fast, controlled swell time at lower temperatures and high salinities. The FastSwell product line was developed specifically for current challenging water-swell conditions in the Permian Basin and Russian fracture markets, but both water-swell and oil-swell elastomers are now available worldwide. The elastomers perform well for fracture applications between 80 and 120°F. The technology reduces production delays for well operators working in low bottomhole temperatures because it allows hydraulic-fracturing operations and completion activities to commence more quickly. FastSwell does not rely on protective coatings to prevent premature swelling during the trip in the hole; reliable prediction of swell times is designed into the numerous compounds developed specifically for various global well-environment applications.

Fig. 8: The FastSwell elastomer from TAM International.



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