Metal-Capturing Tool for Wellbores

The 5D Oilfield Magnetics Open Hole Net (OHN) catches metal dropped into wellbores (wrenches, chain, shackles, bolts, nuts, washers, tong dies, and hand tools). The OHN also catches metal coming out of the wellbore and allows captured materials to be retrieved or measured (Fig. 9). The OHN is a system of specially designed magnets that take the place of the bell nipple when the discharge is built into the unit. The system is designed to take the magnetic field out of the internal diameter of the OHN when operations that could be affected by a strong magnetic field, such as measurement-while-drilling, LWD, or wireline logging tools, are executed in a well program. The OHN is installed by the rig crew, and no power source or operator is required.

Fig. 9: 5D Oilfield Magnetics’ Open Hole Net metal-capturing device.



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