Field-Mapping Software

Juniper Systems has announced a new release of its field-mapping software, Juniper Aspect 1.2. Juniper Aspect 1.2 is aimed at boosting efficiency and productivity while remaining simple, providing global-positioning-system and geographic-information-system (GIS) capability to personnel in the field to streamline processes. Juniper Aspect has the ability to locate, document, and inspect assets and is built on the Esri framework to provide accurate as-built and field-asset documentation verified by GIS technology. The collected information from the handheld device synchronizes with the desktop version of the software, which generates custom reports on the basis of individual mapping needs. Users can edit, manage, and present the maps in whatever way desired, creating a printable file that contains maps, photos, part lists, coverage areas, and notes. Improvements for Version 1.2 include a new feature to filter and organize data more extensively and import large amounts of data more easily into Excel. Operating on most devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher, the software is designed with an intuitive user interface for ease of use and a short learning curve.

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The handheld device used in Juniper Systems’ Juniper Aspect 1.2 field-mapping program.



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