DuraSeal Coatings Company has tested its DS200 nanocoating successfully, confirming a 38% pressure-drop advantage for coated downhole tubing vs. uncoated tubing. All tests were conducted at the Southwest Research Institute flow-loop in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The test setup included a 30-ft-long pipe section of each tubular diameter, coated and uncoated, in a closed high-pressure-gas loop. Transmission-grade natural gas was used as a test medium, with pressure capability to 1,000 psig and flow rates ranging from 100 to 1,000 actual cf/min. Each tube was tested individually at a constant 1,000-psig upstream pressure at 70°F over a minimum of five distinct flow rates from 100 to 1,000 actual cf/min for 3½-in. tubing. Redundant gauges were used to ensure test accuracy and efficacy. The lower pressure drop translates into less pumping energy and higher flow rates, thus reducing costs for gas producers.

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Rotary spray application of DuraSeal’s nanocoating, showing the interior pipe-coating process.



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