Multisample Extraction Process

ALS Petrophysics has developed its solid-phase multisample extraction method, CEPSat, as an oil-recovery tool that can help inform critical decisions for operators within the heavy-oil arena. CEPSat has proved to be more efficient than other commonly used processes such as the single-sample solvent-distillation method, Dean-Stark (DS), and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance. CEPSat applies existing technology, taken from the forensics and pharmaceutical industries, for the determination of oil (So) and water (Sw) saturation. This technique gives clients access to profile Sw/So data taken across higher sample sets over a cored interval and in a shorter time frame than that required by standard DS measurements while using a smaller laboratory footprint. With measurements -possible up to every 1 cm, the generated Sw/So profile allows specific areas of interest to be identified within an interval and to be sampled for further DS analysis. The technology is portable, requires one medium-sized fume cabinet and a single operator, and can run up to 80 samples in one sitting.

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ALS Petrophysics’ CEPSat multisample extraction method.



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