Hybrid Drill Bit

Baker Hughes has announced the successful deployment of  the Hughes Christensen Kymera hybrid drill bit for Statoil in order to improve rate of penetration (ROP) and drilling performance in an appraisal well in the deepwater Logan field. This was the first time a large-diameter Kymera bit was run in the Gulf of Mexico. A 26-in. Kymera hybrid bit with 19-mm cutters and premium metal face seals was used to drill the 26-in. vertical section through sediments and salt to section total depth, enabling 22-in. casing to be set 450 ft deeper than the well’s original objective. The ROP was improved by 26% compared with the nearest offset. The Kymera hybrid bit combines polycrystalline-diamond-compact (PDC) and roller-cone-bit technologies for smooth drilling, effective torque management, and precise steerability through the most-complex formations. The bit leverages the cutting ability and continuous shearing action of PDC bits along with the strength and stability of roller-cone bits. The combination helps the Kymera bit achieve improved performance, superior tool-face control, and higher overall ROP for more footage than either a roller-cone or a PDC bit.

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The Kymera hybrid drill bit from Baker Hughes.



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