Wireline-Monitoring System

Specialized Oilfield Products has developed a digital–sensor monitoring system that can extend the life of wireline through continuous surveillance. Traditionally, wireline integrity has been inspected manually in stages, using an eddy-current flaw-detection system and the naked eye or wireline has been replaced after a fixed period by operators irrespective of whether a defect exists. The new system includes an electronic sensor that is attached to an eddy-current flaw–detection system. The sensor accurately pinpoints any integrity issues as the wireline test is run and stores the information on a secure digital card. The information can then be viewed on a monitor, clearly indicating the exact location of any defect in the wireline. The system can be deployed on all standard wireline sizes currently used in the oil and gas industry, and a permanent record of the wire’s integrity is recorded.

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A wireline eddy-current tester from Specialized Oilfield Products.



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