Pressure Comparator

Crystal Engineering has introduced the new GaugeCalHP pressure comparator for test and calibration applications up to 15,000 psi. The device is suitable for use with water or oil, either in the field or in the laboratory, and is compatible with most large-sized pressure gauges. The GaugeCalHP is designed with crystal pressure fittings (CPFs), a reservoir relief valve, and other features that enhance its safety. The CPF system adds an O-ring sealing system that permits leak-free connections without tools and a self-venting weep hole that alerts users before they disconnect from a pressurized system. CPFs and hoses come with an industry-first 4:1 safety factor. Additional features of the GaugeCalHP include a fine adjust usable at 15,000 psi, a connection fitting with quick alignment-swivel capability, and a pivoting manifold that rotates to fit large-sized gauges. To increase stability, the device’s reservoir can be used to quickly add a small amount of pressure to bleed air out of the CPF weep hole.

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The GaugeCalHP pressure comparator from Crystal Engineering.



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