Zahid Yoosufani

ZAHID YOOSUFANI, SPE, was promoted to director and unit leader at the Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX) at the University of Texas at Austin. As director, he will provide leadership to all components of PETEX including instructor-led training, publications, and e-learning tools. At PETEX, Yoosufani has achieved significant market growth by introducing new training products and publications, enhancing customer service, and growing the customer base worldwide. He has been instrumental in the development and launch of innovative e-learning tools and products such as e-books, streaming videos and animations, online skills analysis, and assessment tools. Yoosufani served 30 years at IBM where he held a variety of technology and management positions. Yoosufani earned a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Karachi in Pakistan and an MS in manufacturing/mechanical engineering at the University of Massachusetts.


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