Well-Surveillance System

Zenith Oilfield Technology has developed a system that transforms instrumented data into proactive surveillance, automated production optimization, and effective equipment protection. The Z-Sight well-surveillance system provides the operator with the opportunity to automate the processes involved in managing and optimizing a field of ­artificially lifted wells while reducing the health and safety exposure of sending engineers to well sites. The technology helps increase production by between 5 and 50% on average. The system gathers the instrumented data of each well and processes it with real-time well models, helping to validate missing or estimated well data. Once the validation process is complete, the automated well model can track the operation of the well in more detail than instrumented data alone can provide (Fig. 1). The output of the system is delivered in a variety of formats, from simple recommendations on operation adjustment to detailed performance curves assisting in well diagnosis. The in-depth automated data validation and modeling processes used enable the system to deliver ­minute-by-minute virtual well-test results, dynamically calculate the optimum values for alarm set points to protect the lift equipment, and perform real-time sensitivity studies on the well data to predict potential production gains.

Fig. 1



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