Flow-Simulation Software

Schlumberger’s recently launched PIPESIM 2013 steady-state, multiphase flow-simulation software allows users to plan for, analyze, and optimize the total production system over the complete lifecycle. The 64-bit release, featuring new ribbon toolbar technology and a customizable working environment, accelerates well and network model creation with simulations that run up to 400% faster, while a new parallel network solver distributes and optimizes computational processing power. A graphical wellbore schematic is featured. Wells can be templated, and extensive networks with large well counts can be built. Geographic information system mapping allows users to see wells and facilities spatially, build networks, and quickly capture information, for example pipeline elevation profiles, enabling the modeling of flowlines based on the actual topography of the land or seabed (Fig. 3). Users can efficiently manage consolidated results—including those from multiple simulation runs—accessible in a new results viewer. Two-way integration with the ­Schlumberger OLGA flow-assurance simulator powers integrated steady-state and dynamic modeling.

Fig. 3: Network map view using Schlumberger’s PIPESIM 2013 software.



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