Gravel-Pack and Frac-Pack System

Baker Hughes has announced a new gravel-pack and frac-pack system designed to increase operational efficiency by withstanding higher bottomhole temperatures and to improve production ratings. The SC-XP system combines field-proven technology and design enhancements for advanced performance in extreme environments. The single-platform SC-XP can be used for both frac packing and openhole gravel packing. It can be run into the well up to 30% faster than previous systems. Available in 7⅝-in. and 9⅝-in. sizes, the SC-XP system can operate reliably at temperatures up to 400°F and treating pressures of 15,000 psi, and can convey proppant volumes up to 1,600,000 lbm at a rate of 65 bbl/min while still preserving casing integrity. The system has undergone extensive erosion and stack-up testing at technology centers and test wells. The system is a PayZone solution, designed to help operators maximize recovery from their reservoirs. The SC-XP was introduced in a commercial frac-pack job in the Gulf of Mexico for a major operator in the South Timbalier field. The system was used to frac-pack a completion in 7⅝-in. casing at a depth of 12,600 ft.

Baker Hughes’ SC-XP gravel-pack and frac-pack system packer and extension.



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