Autoloader System

Weatherford’s IsoTube AutoLoader is a gas-collection device that improves the accuracy of data collected for isotopic analysis, particularly in humid climates. When triggered, the system automatically captures and stores mud-gas stream samples in durable aluminum tubes that are autoloaded into a hopper and reloaded after each sample is taken (Fig. 6). Data—including date, time, time zone and universal coordinated time, tube and device serial number, trigger method, sample depth value, and total gas concentration—are recorded onto a radio frequency identification tag and mounted directly on the tube. The ­system helps to eliminate human error by using digital stamping (vs. handwritten labels) and prevents contamination. This Web-driven device can be programmed by the user to take multiple samples and enable or disable the triggers independently. Data files are updated after each sample and can be downloaded in text or Excel formats. Additionally, the AutoLoader has the ability to be used in conjunction with other gas-sampling de­vices for isotope collection.

Fig. 6: Weatherford’s IsoTube AutoLoader is driven by a Web application running with an embedded computer.



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