Reaming To Land Liner

Deep Casing Tools conducted the first commercial run of its 5-in. Turborunner (Fig. 2) in Oman. The tool successfully landed 4500 m of 4½-in. liner in a vertical well having doglegs around a drilling fish. The tool was activated and reamed the liner through collapsed hole. The operation was completed in 16 hours. The sandstone formation is known to be unstable, and the hole could degrade over time. The tool was used to ream the last 18 joints of liner through this challenging zone, re-establishing a 5⅞-in. gauge hole to land the 4½-in. liner. Cementing operations were then completed as normal. The tool is a reaming system comprising a high-speed motor and a reamer shoe. This reaming operation is performed while running the completion, eliminating the need for wiper trips. The system operates by circulating drilling or completion fluids, and works with low flow rates and low pressures. The tool is compatible with pressure-actuated liner and completion equipment, and it generates little reactive torque or vibration, making it suitable for use with sophisticated or sensitive completions.

Fig. 2: Rig-floor deployment of Deep Casing Tools’ Turborunner.



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