HP/HP Consistometer

Fann Instrument has introduced its Model 290 HPHT Consistometer that is rated to 30,000 psi and 400°F and was designed to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification 10A and American National Standards Institute/API 10A/ISO 10426-1-2001. While it is designed for cement slurries, the effects of pressure, time, and temperature can be observed for other fluids, emulsions, dispersions, or slurries under static or dynamic conditions. There are many choices for configuring cement-­slurry devices. This instrument exposes a cement-slurry sample to a controlled set of parameters of temperature, agitation, and pressure that simulate downhole conditions. During a test, these para­meters are monitored and controlled by proprietary control-system software. A flat-panel, high-resolution touch screen provides the user/software interface. The screen provides real-time viewing of temperature, pressure, and consistency data in graphic and text formats. Data are recorded to a database for future analysis to help predict downhole performance. The instrument uses distributed processing, based on National Instruments’ RIO platform, so that the system can continue to run tests even if a computer crashes. A collection of processors enables capturing calibration routines, customizing settings, and capturing more-frequent event recordings (six/minute). Software wizards guide users through all tasks before test runs can be started.



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