Focused Sampling

Baker Hughes announced its RCX Sen­tinel focused-sampling service that collects and validates data necessary for reservoir characterization, reducing the risk of subsequent intervention or
­production-facility redesign. The ­wireline-deployed service enables operators to capture cleaner formation-fluid samples in less than half the time required for conventional fluid-sampling methods. The formation-testing probe has two isolated fluid streams to focus formation fluids into a sample inlet while extracting more of the contaminated ­fluids through a separate inlet. Fluid focusing is attained by real-time monitoring of high-­resolution pressure gauges and independent control of two pumps connected to separate flow areas within the concentric packer. The modular design allows conveyance of up to 52 sample chambers in a single run. By optimizing the flow rates at the sandface, the RCX Sentinel service isolates the contaminated fluid into the perimeter inlet and allows cleaner fluid to pass to the inner flow area, reducing stationary time while obtaining pristine samples. Dual independent fluid analyzers control the sampling operation precisely and ensure that high-­quality samples are secured in the shortest time possible. The service is deployable in wells with temperatures and pressures up to 375°F and 25,000 psi, respectively.

Baker Hughes’ RCX Sentinel focused-sampling tool.



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