Sliding-Friction Testing

Brookfield Engineering introduced its TA-SFJ Sliding-Friction Jig for measuring the coefficient of friction between two materials by sliding them against each other. One material is affixed to the base plate of the test fixture, and the other material is wrapped around a weight, which is pulled across the first material at constant speed. The test apparatus uses the Brookfield CT3 Tester to pull the weight in a horizontal direction so that the sliding friction between the two materials is measured accurately over a distance that is sufficient to verify steady-state behavior. The friction jig is used to measure tactile qualities such as smoothness, slipperiness, or stickiness. Applications include lubricants, grease, and types of coatings. The tester is a standalone instrument for physical testing, and it operates in compression and tension modes. The TexturePro CT software enables automating test procedures for generating analytical data.

Brookfield Engineering’s TA-SFJ Sliding-Friction Jig on the CT3 Tester.



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