Downhole Casing Orientation

IWC announced the first downhole operation with its Casing Orientation Tool. The tool was used for orientation assurance at a depth greater than 2500 m for two premilled windows on a ­multilateral-well casing operation in Norway. The tool was run with the 9⅝-in.-casing string (Fig. 2) and then provided real-time orientation data to the surface by use of the company’s wireless wall-mounted telemetry system. Without the need for further well operations, cement was pumped through the tool and it was sacrificially cemented in the well with the casing. Subsequently, the shoe track was drilled out successfully by use of conventional techniques. The telemetry system provided real-time data using mud-pulse telemetry, while retaining through-bore access in the tool, enabling cementing and intervention operations to continue. This telemetry technology, combined with critical data sensors such as orientation, pressure, and temperature, provides data on demand during well-­construction operations while allowing through-bore access for pumping, cementing, or intervention. Critical well-­construction activities, such as orientation of multilateral completions or orientation of tubing-conveyed-­perforating guns, can be performed with high precision and confidence.

Fig. 2: The IWC Casing Orientation Tool assembled in the casing string



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