Formation-Damage Removal

Peak Well Systems added the SIM ­FloWell (Fig. 3) to its SIM System well-­remediation and flow-control tools. The new tool is a slickline-set remedial technology that is capable of removing formation damage within selected downhole zones to improve productivity. This system improves well productivity by removing certain types of formation damage (e.g., crushed zones in perforation tunnels and tenacious filter cake and scale) in oil and gas wells that were wireline perforated. The condition of the near-wellbore region is critical in producing hydrocarbons, and the perforating process is a major contributor to skin damage. The severe compressive force of perforating can reduce the permeability of the surrounding rock, which in turn reduces productivity. Used in conjunction with the company’s SIM Plug System to provide selective isolation of the zone to be treated, the treating tool induces a sudden pressure drawdown in the wellbore, causing a surge of fluid inflow from the reservoir to reduce the skin damage. Because the tool is run, set, and retrieved on slickline, it offers a low-risk intervention to clean up wellbore damage while conducting routine slickline operations.

Fig. 3: Peak Well Systems’ SIM FloWell tool



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