Oilfield-Data Management

Senergy Software has released ­Version 3.8 of its Oilfield Data Manager (ODM) software suite, with significant changes, particularly in the user interface. This version includes Analysis Sticks features and enhancements to the reservoir-­performance-module 3D Viewer. The geological tools enable storing, integrating, interpreting, and presenting many kinds of well-based data. The software enables incorporating and visualizing many forms of data, with the objective of using all available information to make an informed interpretation of the subsurface. The reservoir-­performance-module 3D Viewer makes time-based data viewable in 3D and allows the user to roll time back and forth to examine dynamic behavior. A new method for handling core shifts, which can be associated with discrete and curve data, enables the core shift to be applied automatically wherever these data are displayed such as within charts, maps, and crossplots. A new Heatmaps chart item can be used to display any numeric data, such as discrete sample data or log-curve data. A color gradient is used to represent numerical variation across selected data types for a particular well. A new Dictionary Summary provides a powerful tool for managing dictionaries within the suite.


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