Replacing Hydrochloric Acid

PZS Stabilization introduced its SGA-1 seminoncorrosive acid to the oil and gas industry. This new acid in the NCA Products line enables more-­environmentally-proactive fracture-treating processes. The seminoncorrosive acid is made specifically to replace hydrochloric acid. Unlike hydrochloric acid, this seminoncorrosive acid has no adverse environmental effects. The basis for this technology is a patented stabilization and production process related to the hydrogen ion tetrahydrate molecule. The proprietary system enables isolation of hydronium, the ion that determines the pH of acids. Even though this solution is seminoncorrosive, it is extremely safe, offering benefits including worker and environmental safety. Whereas other acids, including hydrochloric acid, can cause burning, this seminoncorrosive acid is safe to handle. Skin toxicity tests show that this seminoncorrosive acid has a corrosive nature comparable to that of water, with a level of 0.02 on a scale of 0 to 5. When mixed with water, this semi­noncorrosive acid causes no exothermic reactions or excessive heat reactions. This seminoncorrosive acid is formulated specifically for fracturing treatments and will perform better than hydrochloric acid.


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