BOP Hydrostatic Testing

Clover Tool offers blowout-preventer (BOP) hydrostatic-test units for BOP, hose, manifold-valve-system, and ­riser-line hydrostatic testing. These all-­electric test units have a small footprint, are explosion proof, and are easy to customize, maintain, and operate. Model CTU-20P-D2-4 (Fig. 7) is a dual unit that offers triple-hydrostatic-test capabilities up to 30,000 psi. During critical operations, one side can be used as an immediate backup. When operating in tandem as a single station, it can reduce BOP-fill/-test time by half. Operating independently, integral twin recorders allow separate tests at different pressures simultaneously. The unit has redundant high-pressure valving, providing washout and leakage protection. An auxiliary fluid-supply connection provides a direct quick-fill port (5,000 psi). Valving and gauges can be set for different operational modes and are switchable without opening safety-interlock doors. Individual operational controls are accessible from either side (the chest-high console is mounted for easy operator view). Filter elements are available in various micron values to accommodate customer requirements. For less-critical operations, a 15,000‑psi single-test unit, Model CTU‑15P-S1, is available.

Fig. 7: Clover Tool’s Model CTU-20P-D2-4 BOP test unit



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