Subsea Tapping Machine

The TDW Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine (Fig. 1) is a remotely ­controlled subsea hot-tap system. It is controlled by an operator with a laptop aboard a diving-support vessel or platform. This machine dramatically reduces dependence upon divers, making the process safer. Because this system reduces dependence upon divers, hot tapping can be carried out in water to a depth of 3000 m. The machine also can be used in shallow situations where divers could not previously operate. The operator has a view of the operation on a screen, providing the ability to make more-rapid better-informed decisions. The machine is self-contained, with a built-in hydraulic and control system that is topside-driven with a passive remotely-operated-vehicle (ROV) interface (i.e., a stationary ROV with its hydraulics and control system attached to the tapping machine). The hydraulic and electronic power can be supplied by standard work-class ROVs or by other subsea hydraulic-power units with similar properties. The ROV provides hydraulic power (closed loop) to engage a motor/pump unit on the  tapping-machine frame. The motor/pump unit sends hydraulics through a valve pack to the appropriate motor / hydraulic function. Electrical power for various control and ancillary functions is supplied by the ROV through an umbilical feed.

Fig. 1: TDW’s Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine facilitates pipeline tie-ins by tapping into pre- and post-installed tees without diver assistance.



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