Oilfield Antiscalant

BWA offers its Bellasol oilfield antiscalant product line (Fig. 5) that meets Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science standards. The suite of products includes a biodegradable antiscalant (68% in 28 days per the Organisation for Economic Co-­operation and Development Test 306) that is hydrothermally stable to 180°C, is compatible with biocides and other oilfield additives, and outperforms traditional biodegradable scale-control chemistries such as polyaspartate for inhibition of barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, and mixed scales. The company has also launched its Bellacide 350, a biocide that is highly effective at controlling sulfate-reducing bacteria that can introduce hydrogen sulfide and lead to souring. The biocide active is one of the first new biocidal actives approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency in nearly a decade. Unlike glutaraldehyde or glutaraldehyde blends typically used in the oil/gas industry, this biocide helps minimize health and safety risks because it is not classified as a skin sensitizer, is not a human carcinogen, and does not present inhalation hazards. This biocide is used in many US hydraulic-fracturing operations, where health and safety are increasingly important.

Fig. 5: BWA scientist developing in-field monitoring-test methods for scale inhibitors



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