High-Pressure Switches

Honeywell has introduced its High-Pressure-Premium, HPS Series Pressure Switches (Fig. 6) that have a 2,000,000 life-cycle rating, environmental sealing, and multiple-port and termination options. The electromechanical-gauge pressure-on/-off switches are designed for use in applications that require the making or breaking of an electrical connection in response to a pressure change of the system media. The switches have a wide pressure-switching-point range of 150 to 4,500 psi, a proof-pressure-rating of 10,000 psi, and burst-pressure rating of 20,000 psi. The sealing rating ensures media ingress will not create switch failure—useful in applications where the switch is splashed with fluid or is temporarily immersed. The switches are compatible with a variety of media including petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, pressurized air, water, and mineral-oil-based brake fluid. An operating temperature range of −40 to 248°F enables use in a variety of environments. These switches have a switching-point accuracy of up to ±2%. Their switching capability of 5 mA to 5 A allows use in a wide range of applications, from heavy loads to those connected to an electronic control unit.

Fig. 6: Honeywell High-Pressure-Premium, HPS Series Pressure Switch



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