Solid Centralizer

TDTECH Ltd. focuses on solving difficult drilling-related problems. The company’s first products are the Sidewinder solid-body casing centralizer (Fig. 1) and complementary Stop Collar. The tools are cast in high-quality millable carbon steel and are available in sizes from 3½ to 20 in. Special sizes are available. The tools have no voids in which to trap fluid that might otherwise heat, expand, and collapse the casing in high-­pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT), heavy-oil, geothermal, and enhanced-­geothermal-system applications—trapped and heated water may develop pressures up to 12,000 psi. The ridge-­riding collars enable casing to ride over ridges in the wellbore. The tools have exceptionally high radial strength, capable of withstanding the bending-induced normal force of pushing large-diameter casing into a tortuous wellbore. The 18⅝-in. centralizer is designed to withstand a side load of 330,000 lbf. The tools have very high axial compressive strength to enable, in most cases, installation of tools off line. All centralizers are fitted with a grease nipple, and, if greased, the break-over torque typically is halved. Radio-frequency-identification tags can be run on each centralizer. Various data may be loaded including casing tally, heat, or mill-certificate details. When running the casing, a scanner on the rig floor can capture this information.

Fig. 1: Fig. 1: TDTECH Sidewinder casing centralizer



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