Hard-Band-Wear Protection

Advanced drilling technology and economic pressures are pushing the envelope of drillstring tool-joint life and casing wear. Postle Industries’ Hardbanding Solutions has developed its crack-free casing-friendly Duraband NC hard-banding alloy for reliable wear protection on drillpipe tool joints without damaging the casing. The microstructure consists of a hard tool-steel matrix with a high volume of tightly packed microconstituents. The metallurgy provides wear properties that resist extreme abrasion to protect the tool joint, while minimizing wear on the casing. This hard banding is applied crack free and is 100% rebuildable. It reduces the risk of cracks propagating into the tool joint, which could lead to flaking, spalling, casing wear, or even catastrophic failure. This hard banding can be used for all types of drilling environments, including HP/HT, sour-gas, highly deviated, and geothermal wells. Drilling these types of wells can show excessive wear of the casing. In these types of wells, typical hard-banding products that contain cracks frequently result in spalling and chipping caused by unwanted materials getting into and under the crack. This requires premature removal of the drillpipe for repair and reapplication of the hard band, adding extra costs to the drilling operation.



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