Improving Core Quality

Corpro is deploying its Thin Sleeve System core-barrel technology into the Gulf of Mexico. Three ultradeepwater operations have been completed in the region. The core barrel improves the quality of coring samples and provides a platform to enhance wellsite processes and core analysis. The 20-ft ultra­stable system delivered better core quality and smoother coring operations than previous 30-ft systems. The system uses two independent inner tubes, a threaded steel jacket, and a disposable liner in which the core is housed. The presence of two independent tubes allows the disconnection process to take place without transmitting the torque to the core, therefore without inducing any rotation core damage. Also, the inner barrel is made of steel with aluminum liners for a much stronger and stiffer coring system. The new core barrel has been used at HP/HT wellsites containing hydrogen sulfide without degrading and stretching. Rig site geologists can lift the top half of the aluminum and describe the core at the wellsite. Typically, the core must be cut into 3-ft sections, packaged, and shipped to shore before anyone gets to view the core.


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