On-Site Core Analysis

FEI has delivered a QEMSCAN WellSite analysis system (Fig. 4) to Kirk Petrophysics to provide rapid on-site analysis of drill cores. Core analysis is an essential component of formation evaluation to determine the production potential of a well and to manage drilling and completion operations. Having this capability at the wellsite enables reduction of analytical turnaround from several days or weeks to a few hours (after the cores are retrieved from the core barrels or sidewall-coring tools). The system combines scanning electron microscopy and X-ray spectrometry to deliver automated mineralogical analysis. It provides automated microscopic textural details, elemental compositional analysis, and 2D core-porosity analysis that are not available from conventional techniques. The system is designed to withstand the harsh environment of the drilling rig. The compact configuration has a small footprint, and simplified operation reduces the need for operator training and expertise.

Fig. 4: FEI’s QEMSCAN WellSite analysis system.



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