Portable Sample Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a combination of portable technologies. The Thermo Scientific Ultra Performance Packages combine multiple technologies in a single package for determining light-element concentrations in field-prepared mineral samples. The packages combine a field-portable X-ray fluorescence (FPXRF) analyzer with a larger silicon drift detector (SDD); unique, field-­portable sample-preparation tools; and a helium-purge option. Packages can include a Thermo Scientific XL3t Ultra XRF analyzer (Fig. 5) that is purpose built for exploration analyses, including a large SDD for high-resolution light-­element analyses. The field-portable sample-preparation tools can create powders out of larger rocks and samples to optimize particle distribution and can deliver pressed-pellet samples with the correct presentation and depth for optimal FPXRF analysis. The helium-purge system displaces air in the gaps between the sample and the detector that can make it difficult to detect light elements.

Fig. 5: Thermo Scientific XL3t Ultra XRF handheld sample-analysis-tool display.



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