Well-Construction-Technology Integration

Weatherford’s Total Depth service integrates several core well-construction services. Combining the company’s topdrive casing-running system with a rotating and hoisting cement head (Fig. 2) exemplifies an application that helps operators achieve high-integrity cement placement and improved zonal isolation. Rather than manual handling and transition time to rig down the casing elevator and bails and then rig up and connect the cement head to the topdrive, the company’s integrated solution allows the cement head to be made up to the casing-landing string quickly with minimal manual handling, cutting the transition time from 1 hour or more to approximately 10 minutes. The modified cement head can eliminate the need to rig down any tubular-handling equipment after the casing string is run and enable immediate circulation and reciprocation of the casing string. Hole cleaning can begin immediately in advance of cementing operations. The modified cement head has been used in cementing casing/liner tiebacks in deeper, higher-pressure wells. Placing cement behind the tieback seal assembly enhances wellbore integrity by extending the cement pressure barrier up the annulus above the liner hanger. The technology has been used in more than 30 applications and has been accepted as an effective tool for improving cementing and efficiency.

Fig. 2: Weatherford’s modified cement head has been applied in cementing casing/liner tiebacks in deeper, higher-pressure wells.



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