Energy-Efficient Standard Motor

WEG has launched its W22 Super Premium range of motors (Fig. 3) that provide high levels of energy efficiency. The electric motor exceeds the yet-to-be-­implemented IE4-Class regulations. These motors provide high performance across the full power range from 3 to 355 kW, and they have up to 40% lower losses compared with previous designs. The three-phase induction motor is based on the company’s popular W22 motor mechanical design. With features such as an innovative aerodynamic frame, a redesigned cooling system, and a unique insulation system, the motor is quieter, more reliable, easier to maintain, and more cost-effective than previous models. The motor has low operating temperatures, which increases the insulation time and results in a long service life. The motors have longer lubrication intervals, resulting in minimal maintenance and servicing. Special bearing seals extend the lifetime of the motor in aggressive environments by protecting it against the ingress of water and dust. Suitable for low-voltage supplies, the motor range covers two-, four-, and six-pole motors.

Fig. 3: WEG’s W22 Super Premium range of motors.



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