Gas Chromatograph

Siemens’ Maxum gas chromatograph (GC) has been upgraded with a color touch-screen user interface (Fig. 4). The color touch-screen user interface replaces the black-and-white panels. The 10-in. display is suitable for hazardous locations and is certified for use in Division-I/Zone-1 environments. The new display combines previous menu-driven options with additional intuitive icons and graphical elements to increase the speed and simplicity of interactions with the GC during maintenance and operation. Built for use in harsh conditions, either directly online or nearby in at-line process-measurement laboratories, these GCs enable sample analysis of feedstock, partially-processed-­product streams, final products, and process byproducts, including wastes and environmental hazards. Gas chromatography is a flexible process used for gas analysis and is used to improve product quality and increase the yield and energy efficiency of processes. The analytical products are integrated for automatic and unattended measurement of specific process and quality-relevant constituents, systems, and application capabilities.

Fig. 4: Siemens’ Maxum GC color touch-screen user interface.



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