Rigless ESP Installation

Artificial Lift Company’s Advantage System rigless electrical submersible pump (ESP) was installed in Eni’s Val d’Agri field, in southern Italy. The ESP contains a lightweight, compact permanent-magnet motor (Fig. 5) and provides full-tubing access after retrieval. The system design made it possible to run coiled tubing and latching tools for the flow-isolation valve in the well below the ESP. Downhole oil and gas separation is in a shroud that feeds into a dual completion, with the larger tubing for oil production and the smaller tubing for gas venting. Ambient-operating-­condition ratings are 5,000 psi and 300°F. The maximum pressure drop across the pump is 4,000 psi. The downhole three-phase side-pocket wet connector is rated at 5 kV and 125 A. The system is designed to be run with a subsurface safety valve and packer where needed. The maximum motor-assembly outer diameter is 3.75 in. The system is compatible with industry-standard pumps, cables, gauges, variable-speed drives, and slickline tools and accessories. Full-bore access is available when the ESP is retrieved. Live-well intervention is possible by use of a lubricator. Retrieval is made by use of slickline, or by coiled tubing for highly deviated wells.

Fig. 5: Artificial Lift Company’s Advantage System permanent-magnet motor.



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