Water-Management System

Swire Oilfield Services has launched its HydroLutions water-management system for transferring water during hydraulic fracturing. The technology handles fluid management at every stage of a hydraulic-fracturing job (Fig. 7), offering sustainable solutions that prevent soil and water pollution. The system also mitigates safety risks by minimizing the need for labor during deployment, operation, and retrieval. A key component is the HydroDrive water-transfer system, which features high-volume pumps, discharge manifolds, a specially designed retrieval and deployment system, and a leak-free flexible pipe. The pipe can be manipulated to curve around the land, does not leak like traditional aluminum pipe, and handles 140-bbl/min flow rates. The extruded through-the-weave single-wall thermal plastic urethane lay-flat pipe deploys quickly and safely, requiring no lifting and fewer workers than traditionally needed to lay aluminum pipe.

Fig. 7: Swire Oilfield Services’ HydroLutions installation in west Texas.



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