Slimhole Measurement While Drilling

Delivering real-time information while drilling is critical in land, extended-reach, and deepwater wells. Schlumberger’s DigiScope slimhole measurement-while-drilling (MWD) service provides robust telemetry-while-drilling measurements to enable a full suite of real-time data transmissions from complex bottomhole-­assembly (BHA) designs. The strong signal transmits high-quality real-time data to the surface, enabling real-time reservoir description and geosteering faster than traditional MWD services. The high-speed telemetry service provides high-resolution petrophysical and reservoir data at bit rates up to 36 b/sec while minimizing rate-of-penetration (ROP) restriction. A two-stage turbine generates high power, allowing the system to run the company’s complete slimhole logging-while-drilling (LWD) offering simultaneously. This high-power capability also provides flexibility when combining multiple LWD tools in the BHA above and below the new slimhole MWD tool to better achieve formation-­evaluation objectives while acquiring wellbore surveys and azimuthal gamma ray, internal and annular pressure (including pumps-off pressure measurement), and shock and vibration data. This service is the first to apply a unique modulation algorithm called smooth phase-shift keying (SPSK) for communicating across great distances. The tool’s modulator electronics used to support SPSK allows the modulator to maintain high resolution and deliver a wealth of data points at high ROP. This powerful signal strength results in acquiring more data faster in the most challenging applications.

The Schlumberger DigiScope slimhole MWD service uses a two-stage turbine to generate high power and is not limited by the number of LWD tools that can be run simultaneously in the BHA. Image courtesy of Schlumberger.



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