Drilling-Control System

Integrated Drilling Equipment Company launched its second-generation Centurion drilling-control system. The system was installed on a new, 1,500-hp Sparta rig. The system uses an open-architecture software platform to put real-time information and control in the hands of the drilling contractor, operator, and service companies. The open-architecture software interface enables adding, swapping, and upgrading controls. Use of this type of platform enables service companies to use specialized applications for control of the autodriller and pressure-control aspects of rigs. The use of customer-supplied applications enables optimal ROP while maintaining zone management and personnel and machinery safety. The system does not use proprietary networks or software. Consequently, customers may spearhead troubleshooting and the integration of customized features while retaining access to the manufacturer’s technical support. The package for the Lewis Rig 38 will be fully loaded with all available options. Options include an integrated self-­aligning satellite system with high-speed broad­band; off-site access to all systems; full communication systems with Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone and talkback service, Internet Protocol camera, and digital-video-recording system; fire and gas detection; real-time logging; Coriolis meters for real-time drilling-fluid density, mass-flow, and temperature and pressure readings; and off-site data collection and reporting.

Integrated Drilling Equipment Company’s Centurion drilling-control-system driller’s chair.



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