Microseismic Fracture Matching

Halliburton’s Foray 3D-microseismic fracture-matching-analysis service is available as a real-time application. A component of the company’s Knoesis service, the fracture-matching-­analysis service provides a method of fracture diagnostics that uses microseismic-event data while they are generated to develop an image of the fracture network being created in the formation. Advanced algorithms continuously analyze the constant flow of new data and update the fracture-network image being created with new or higher-confidence-interval planes as the analyst monitors the treatment. The information generated with this service can be leveraged to design treatments that provide increased connected-fracture area. Fracture treatments that maximize the connected-fracture area provide greater increases in production. Real-time analysis provides the technical team with the knowledge needed to make changes to treatments during the job. To produce the shale formations, complex fractures are needed. Every fracturing treatment can be tailored for maximum effectiveness. Making changes to treatments during the job is particularly important for fracturing treatments in shale formations.

Induced-fracture-network extent and complexity is easily understood with Halliburton’s Foray 3D microseismic-fracture-analysis service.



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