High-Temperature Progressing-Cavity Pump

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group has introduced the Moyno HTD660 downhole pump. The high-­temperature downhole pumps provide solutions in high-temperature applications that previously prevented the use of downhole progressing-­cavity pumps (PCPs). The PCP has undergone extensive research and development and thorough in-field testing. This pump uses metal-to-metal rotor/stator technology. The stator does not include elastomer. These PCPs can handle downhole temperatures to 660°F. The closely controlled tolerance of the metal-to-metal rotor/stator clearance provides superior performance, and it produces low levels of vibration that are comparable to those of conventional downhole PCPs. These PCPs are suited to handle the hot oil encountered during ­thermal-recovery methods such as steam-assisted gravity drainage and cyclic-steam stimulation. This new model has a pumping-rate capacity of 1,300-BFPD per 100‑rev/min and is capable of lifting fluid 2,200 ft.

Moyno HTD660 downhole pump.



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