Thermal Technology for Old Wells

TCTM has patented a technology that results in five- to ten-times faster oil production. The Binary Mixtures technology involves heating the formation by up to 500°C. Extreme heat makes the oil less viscous and easier to extract. In fracture-stimulated wells, the process cleans the skin layer and removes much of the water, protecting the productive layer from further damage. The gases and compound traces released into the Earth and air are all harmless. It is also less expensive compared with hydraulic-­fracturing or steam-assisted-gravity-drainage methods. The 60 test wells were old and most were already shut in and written off. In two large shut-in Lukoil wells, an incremental 1400 t of oil was extracted in the first 90 days. After 1 year, the wells were still producing at higher-than-original levels. Currently they are training staff and preparing for widespread implementation.

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