Antifouling Film

Micanti B.V., a Maritime Technology Company, has applied its nontoxic antifouling film on the crew vessel Lady Rasha in Dubai. Thorn-D is an adhesive foil with fibers that create a textured surface. Instead of killing marine growth, the textured foil prevents it from attaching to the hull of a ship. Antifouling foil can replace generally used chemical coatings on hulls of ships. Compared with other antifouling products, antifouling foil is not a chemical-coating product and does not need regular replacement. The antifouling foil is a physical barrier to fouling and has an expected lifetime of at least 5 years. The antifouling foil is  an easy-to-apply self-adhesive foil that was developed and produced with Avery Dennison. The physical nature of the product ensures environmental friendliness. The antifouling foil has been tested and continuously improved over several years in various environments. This testing has been performed in close cooperation with various scientific institutes and universities.

Micanti B.V.’s Thorn-D antifouling foil applied to the Lady Rasha.



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