Permanent Downhole Cable

RSCC Wire & Cable introduced its new PressureTEC cable to ensure a higher-performing permanent-downhole-cable (PDC) installation for oil and gas drilling applications. Drilling equipment engineers are familiar with tubing-encapsulated-cable products that are traditionally made with a welded metal tube over a solid filler to protect the electrical conductor inside the cable. In a metal-clad tube with a traditional solid-core filler, quality testing is limited to an eddy-current test to check for weld defects. Though eddy-current testing is capable of finding defects, this process is not guaranteed to find all defects. The PressureTEC cable’s design incorporates a welded metal tube to protect the conductor, but the tube is first filled with an expandable foam material and then is followed by a pressurized-gas test that can detect a defect in the metal tube or weld. When the tube passes 100% integrity, the foam core is then expanded to surround the conductor and also adhere to the tube wall to create holding forces. RSCC’s new PressureTEC cables are available in 150 and 200°C materials, depending on operating-temperature requirements.

The PressureTEC PDC from RSCC Wire & Cable.


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