China National Offshore Oil Company

China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) has begun production from two shallow-water oil projects in the Beibu Gulf Basin of the South China Sea. The Weizhou 12-2 project includes the Weizhou 12-2 and Weizhou 12-1 West fields and the north part of the Weizhou 11-2 field. Production from three platforms and 18 wells has reached a designed peak level of 16,000 B/D. The Weizhou 11-4 North project is producing about 500 B/D from one well, but is set to achieve peak production of 8,000 B/D within a year as the remainder of its 15 producing wells, spread over two platforms, come on line. CNOOC is the operator and sole interest holder in both projects.


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