In Memoriam

The In Memoriam section lists with regret SPE members who recently passed away. If you would like to report the passing of a family member who was an SPE member, please write to

Ernest H. Babitzke, Punto Gorda, Florida, USA
John J. Bardgette, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Peter Burri, Basel, Switzerland
John Martin Dees, Richardson, Texas, USA
Robert A. Greenkorn, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
James O. Haynes, Ennis, Texas, USA
Robert D. Lowe, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Raymond L. Mazza, Canton, Ohio, USA
Ronald H. Newman, San Clemente, California, USA
Duncan V. Patty, Auburn, California, USA
Burton B. Sandiford, Balboa Island, California, USA
Robert G. Smith, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Wilford Lee Stapp, San Antonio, Texas, USA
John F. Podhaisky, Kerrville, Texas, USA
Charles Weiner, Houston, Texas, USA
James A. Williams, Houma, Louisiana, USA
Harold S. Winston, Plano, Texas, USA


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