In Memoriam

The In Memoriam section lists with regret SPE members who recently passed away. If you would like to report the passing of a family member who was an SPE member, please write to

Warren R. Abbey, Evansville, Indiana, USA
Earl C. Bevins, Huntington, West Virginia, USA
George G. Binder Jr., Aransas Pass, Texas, USA
William C. Blanks, Argyle, Texas, USA
Kenneth L. Boren, Rowlett, Texas, USA
Robert J. Boren, Houston, Texas, USA
Lawrence M. Burman, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Edward B. Campen, Billings, Montana, USA
Ernest E. Cook, Houston, Texas, USA
Paul J. Dorris, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Granville Dutton, Dallas, Texas, USA
John C. Ellis, Haughton, Louisiana, USA
Milden J. Fox Jr., Bryan, Texas, USA
J.L. Gamble, Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Elard L. Haden, Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA
John A. Hammack, Dallas, Texas, USA
Lawrence B. Keel Jr., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Parker B. Kemp, Hermosa Beach, California, USA
Herbert A. Lesser, Houston, Texas, USA
Peter A. MacQueen, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
J.C. Putman Jr., Sebastian, Florida, USA
John A. Queen, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Robert E. Rogers, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
David A. Rowland, Flower Mound, Texas, USA
Gene L. Scheirman, Houston, Texas, USA
Warren P. Siebold, Morrison, Colorado, USA
Arthur K. Stade, Sarasota, Florida, USA
Virgil D. Stone, Houston, Texas, USA
Bill E. Watson, Edmonds, Washington, USA
Joe E. Wirsching, Portland, Texas, USA
William H. Wood, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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